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Invisible Venus retrograde in Leo, 9th Aug 2023

Dissolving the veil:

As the vortex deepens through the heart center, we stop momentarily and rest, sitting within our darkened inner world, our space within the heart 💜.

A point of reflection, A death of the old so the birth of the new May begin.

In these moments, we give thanks for all that we have learnt, all that has come before, conscious that in this evolution and creation of the impending new Venus cycle, we are offered the opportunity to dissolve the veil that is necessary so we may gain perspective of for growth.

Sitting in this moment we give thanks so that we may find respite, find divinity, harmony and joy within the catacombs of our family lineage.

This contemplation of our darker moments, bereft of unnecessary distractions so we may go within the realm of our true hearts calling 💕 enlightening us to see it as joyful and divinely timed.

Giving reverence to that which no longer serves us- enabling us to rebirth- to be born again, evolving and beginning a new juncture and journey with Venus out into the world anew.

Let us be conscious of all we have learnt thus far, old wounds perhaps that have reappeared to be lifted to enable a new perspective to be created, a more purposeful conscious learning experience, so we may grow and evolving beyond them.

To Learn is to Live, to Live is to Grow, to Grow is to Love 💕, to Love is to BE 💜.

Personal writings by Elena Kennedy on 9th August @lotus_health_and_wellbeing on invisible #venus#retrograde in #leo in square aspect to #uranus biquintile to #neptune trine to #chiron and #northnode


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