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New Moon in Cancer, 17th July 2023

The roots of nurturing love💕

As we welcome in the new moon energy in cancer ♋️ today, with the moon poised in a warm embrace with Sol ☀️, their union offers us the insight of how we love and where that love comes from. The magic of knowing that thru the courage of our ancestors we have been gifted this life and with that the opportunity to creatively manifest a nurturing container of protection within us and around us. Thus enabling our growth and expansion from the lineage of mothers that have come before us. Thru the grace of Mother Earth we can embrace this growth and utilize these gifts that may appear to us in dreams so we may transcend beyond the mundane and illuminate our own authentic power to regenerate and heal both personally and collectively with a charged impetus to bridge our emotional and spiritual ancestral wounds so we may take action to initiate a new vision of self love and compassion. It starts with each of us, individually, so that the ripple effect may multiply ever more as we bring our inner light out into the world.

Personal writings by Elena Kennedy @lotus_health_and_wellbeing on #newmoon in #cancer 24° conjunct #sun quintile #ceres#jupiter opposing #pluto and teachings @blueroseastrology@andrewdhsmith Photo by Jorge Gardner via unsplash


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