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New Moon in Gemini 18th June 2023

“Between two worlds”

The heavens and the earth and all that’s in between.

The pillars that sustain us, ever present and supreme;

Do we waiver, do we billow, as the fog begins to lift,

Are we nestled on our pillow, of spiritual awakening to the gift.

That all we search and reason for, is present in this moment,

If we stop to breathe the beauty of the timelessness that’s sent,

Or does gossip and detachment keep us anchored here in matter, forsaking curiosity to exchange with others thru spiritual chatter.

In this new moon in Gemini ♊️ we are offered a seeding point to breathe and initiate ourselves in the duality of true existence; the spiritual and physical presence, where we can find balance, yin and Yang, inhale and exhale.

The concept of being connected and part of something more expansive.

Close your eyes and imagine stepping thru a door, a portal where we meet our spiritual twin.

Take a breath and feel their presence.

What creative ideas can you weave together?

What to you see in them you wish to portray in yourself?

How receptive are you to their presence?

What emotions do they invoke in you?

What paths can you weave together to initiate more emotional harmony in your life?

Gemini ♊️ shows us the duality of life, the 2 sides to the coin, the balance that withstands the pressure by having 2 pillars to sustain it.

Our physical presence is also sustained by our spiritual capabilities, something that we all have. The union of both brings stability to our existence and nurtures us.

So what does that mean?

Ever noticed how taking deep breaths can calm you down? That the power of uniting your physical body through the act of spiritual connect of inhaling and exhaling air (mutable air- Gemini ♊️)

Welcome to the #newmoon in #gemini from personal musings of Elena Kennedy @lotus_health_and_wellbeing thru teachings @blueroseastrology and writings by @andrewdhsmith photo by Aron visuals via unsplash


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