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Astrology Consultations

Initial In-depth Natal Chart Consultation

The natal chart is a blueprint of our souls purpose and gives us means to discover the scripts and  patterns that play out in your life. It can help you gain clarity, harmony, release blocks that may be limiting you and  connect more consciously with your inner emotional landscape, and thus understand how that plays out with others.

It can help to evaluate your talents, skills, career direction, relationships, unlock greater potential and release limiting beliefs that no longer serve you.

Perhaps as a parent you wish to understand how to support your child more effectively and adapt your parenting skills to their needs.

Ongoing Astrological Consultations

During any journey it can be good to stop and reflect on where you have come and what next steps to take. These followup sessions are offered as pitstop points to reflect on the natal chart as you are navigating through time.

 We will consider planetary transits or conversations that are going on with your natal chart as you continue your journey.  Specific themes or areas of interest can be reviewed. Perhaps you have started a new job or are considering a life change and want to understand more clearly the impact of that as you continue your journey.

Compass Pointing North

Locational Astrology

Have you ever felt drawn to, wished to live in or visit a particular place or location? Are you mesmerized by specific cultures or the desire to learn specific languages?

Perhaps you are an avid reader of specific types of books or authors.

Have you moved location but don't seem to be able to put down roots?

Locational Astrology charts the journey of our soul across the expansiveness of the world. We can better understand which parts of our skills and talents resonate and are more illuminated in distinct geographical areas. It gives us an appreciation of our relationship to space.

By looking at a relocation chart we can map your natal qualities and understand how they play out in that location or space.



"Astrology is a language, if you understand this language, the sky speaks to you"

Dane Rudhyar

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