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"I found Elena when I was seeking traditional chinese medicine techniques to support a second round of IVF treatment, after the first round failed the year before.

I had read that TCM could be beneficial but I had no prior knowledge of how. Elena quickly set up a session to talk through what I had been through before and how she would be able to support me.

From the 1st session I immediately felt much calmer and prepared for the 2nd round of IVF. Elena focused on multiple areas of my health, including reproductive (I had more regular, lighter and painless periods after only a few sessions) but also my mental health (work stress and dealing with recent family loss).

Elena helped me to get through the emotional and physical turmoil of fertility treatment and I am now due to give birth to a baby boy in a few weeks!.

I would highly recommend Elena for anyone going through any kind of fertility treatment!"

J.C ,Rincon de la Victoria.


"I attended both Traditional Chinese Medicine and reflexology sessions with Elena. Both had exceptional results.

TCM: Due to a knee operation the joint and muscles were seriously affected and in pain. Thanks to the techiques the pain disappeared. The secondary benefits was a substantial release of accumulated stress.

Reflexology: AMAZING! A technique I had never tried before and it was incredible how through working on my feet the positive affects it had on the rest of my body, both physical and sensory. The level of relaxation was incredible. A real sense of total relaxation both mentally and physically which lasted well after the sessions were done, allowing me to think more clearly and carryout my daily tasks much more effectively.

These techniques are extremely beneficial when applied in the hands of a great expert, and in this case the professionalism and kindness of Elena.


Rafa, Rincon de la Victoria.


"I've attended several Reflexology sessions with Elena  for various reasons and symptoms and the results for me have been spectacular.

During the session it is very relaxing and the results are long lasting.

In my case it has given me great comfort and liberation in my legs and my energy levels have been re balanced hugely.

Elena is very professional and committed to the well-being of her patients.

I would certainly recommend her services 100%"

Monika ,Rincon de la Victoria.


"I receive reflexology from Elena.

For years I had searched for someone who really knew reflexology, as I had always heard about the incredible health benefits of it. I have back, leg and shoulder pain from a physically demanding job of sitting and typing for very long hours per day. I was referred to Elena by a friend who saw I was in pain. From the moment Elena Began working on me, and her knowing immediately what my problems were with just her touch, I knew she was a true expert in her field. After my first session, not only was my pain significantly reduced, but my body felt rejuvenated. I was hooked. I highly recommend reflexology from Elena.

Elena is a true healer. It is obvious it is not a just a job for Elena, but she was born a healer. It makes a big difference in treatments when your provider is a natural in their talent" 

Ana ,Benajarafe.


"My experience was very positive, I had been suffering for quite some time with stomach pains and insomnia.

Following several sessions of acupuncture I noticed a significant improvement.

Elena is an excellent therapist, is very highly qualified and the personal attention and service she provides is unbeatable. 

I would highly recommend her services"

Mari Angeles , Torremolinos.

"I needed to reconnect with my inner strength, restore the balance of my body's energy and wanted to find a solution to reduce daily stress and lower back  pain. During my first consultation Elena guided me to better express how I was feeling. I had 6 sessions of TCM and felt very relaxed and relieved during the sessions. After each session I could see a difference in my body and the lower back pain reduced significantly plus my emotions were much more balanced.

I would definitely recommend Elena's techniques, she has so much love to share with others and this is the key reason why each session was so effective."

Denise, Switzerland.

The treatment I am receiving at Lotus Health and Wellbeing is Reflexology.

I wanted to explore this type of holistic treatment as a general lift or "reboot" to my system., both physically and mentally. During menopause I really notice the difference in the way I felt and wanted an alternative to HRT, something that addressed the whole of me and not just one part, so my treatment with Elena did not focus on one specific health issue. The treatments I receive are an extremely relaxing period when I can reflect and address how I am really feeling internally and externally with a professional who has the time to really listen. Elena's expertise with the body and its systems has been impressive and her caring and patient manner very soothing in a stressful world. 

I would definitely recommend reflexology as a form of treatment and say that you are in safe hands with Elena. 

S.V, Rincon de la Victoria.

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