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Chiron conjunct Jupiter in Aries 12th March 2023

“In the shadows the light shines brighter”

Chiron conjunct Jupiter in Aries ♈️ 12th March 2023.

Hiding in the darkness we can find refuge, isolating ourselves from the things we don’t want to accept, see or feel. We ‘put a lid on it’ ‘lock it away’ ‘pretend it didn’t happen’ retreat from the world, where we escape.

And then there’s that moment when a tiny splash of light, a crack of visionary illumination etches it’s way into the darkness and everything starts to change.

For a moment the need to adjust our eyes as the darkness dissipates and the crack floods our sanctuary of invisibility. That adjustment can be painful, raw, uncomfortable and some may choose to clamp their eyes shut, thus presuming they don’t have to bear the change. Whereas for those that are courageous and put faith and Hope in the possibility of initiating a new visionary outcome where they see images expand their awareness and growth in the new surroundings.

A holistic path of healing from the darkness of the past into the expansive collective conscious world of today and onwards .

Chiron is the wounded healer, who found solis in helping others thru his own healing process. A holistic counselor.

Jupiter: the teacher, the expansive planet that seeks to bridge our presence with greater consciousness. It brings faith, hope, growth and healing.

Aries ♈️ : the initiator of vision, the crusader who aims to bring passion into form and courageously actualize their vision.

With this planetary alignment it brings opportunity for us all.

Will you open your eyes to the truth of things?

look for ways to heal and grow?

See the light or live in the shadows?


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