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Full Moon in Aries on 29th Sept 2023

The intersection of the souls journey:

As we yield at this intersection of the Aries ♈️ full moon 🌚 cycle, our heart almost skips a beat as we endeavor to bring action, drive and focus to our souls yearning to be still and inward focused whilst mastering the balancing act of engaging with others.

Illuminating our awareness of a deep need to retreat and nourish our physical and emotional bodies, whilst balancing our energies and finding ways to prioritize this in our relationships with others.

This moment of yielding offers us respite to be patient in our approach to the world so that our inner reality and heartfelt dreams may bring inspiration to others when we venture outwards to share and comunícate. This process enables us to develop further our creativity to solidify our hopes and dreams in a manner that infuses our self expression, values and harmoniously bring acceptance of our authentic way of relating to others.

The sign posts show many options, now is your time to choice the path that speaks to your heart ❤️ that allows you to keep it real.

The energies of this full moon, given its proximity to earth, may be more strongly felt so be gentle with yourself and others during this crossroads and balancing act of nurturing yourself.. being true to your heart is the key… the sign posts are there, you choose which path you prefer 🙏

Personal musings of Elena Kennedy @lotus_health_and_wellbeing on #aries#fullmoon on 29th Sept and teachings @blueroseastrology photo by Javier Allegue Barros via unsplash

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