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New Moon in Virgo, 15th Sept 2023

Cleaning the cobwebs:

As the new moon in Virgo ♍️ nestles side by side with the Sun ☀️ today, we are given the opportunity to seed our intentions for this union of our inner and outer lights in mutable earth. Our essence of being meets our sense of becoming in the adaptable, interactive, enduring sign of earth. We are being called to do some conscious housekeeping, as it were. A moment to assess the path we have walked thus far and the habits, routines, methods of communicating and relating to others, so that we may clean the slate and START, STOP or CONTINUE those activities that best serve our conscious souls journey as we move forward.

Giving space for the light to enter, the wisdom to unfold and our intuition to highlight the potential blind spots that are holding us back or repetitive activity that no longer serves our highest wellbeing.

So we may harvest and seed those ideals that best bring harmony, joy and transformation to our lives- offering growth and healing so we may collective engage energetically more effectively with all beings around us.

Take a moment today to stand on the earth, or hug a tree and feel the energy that’s exchanged between you.

Our personal housekeeping offers the opportunity to clear the cobwebs of our collective consciousness as we navigate this journey and open our energetic field to compassionately enrich each others lives.

Personal musings by Elena Kennedy from teachings @blueroseastrology on this #newmoon in #virgo


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