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Sun Trine Jupiter in Taurus 8th Sept 2023

Express your vitality!!

As the Sun ☀️ trines Jupiter today we are invited to see the light that’s within us, expand it and grow.

The sun represents our vitality, our self confidence and how shine out in the world. The outward expression of our masculine light, that which is found in all of us- for without masculine and feminine energy within all humans, we lack balance to engage in our daily tasks, leverage our personal energy to make decisions and move forward in our lives. That’s not to say it’s bigger or better than the feminine- which offers us time to slow down, reassess, reflect and relax. Both are vital life forces within all of us.

Jupiter, as it’s the largest planet, so it gives us opportunity to expand, enlarge, forge forward, dream big, learn and grow, with the potential to surpass the mundane and look beyond to the bigger picture.

Being in this world whilst in tandem questing to reach those higher states of spiritual consciousness can be a challenging path to walk.

So what does this conversation between the light and its larger than life companion offer us??

Perhaps a moment to ask ourselves, how we shine our light, how we express ourselves- is it from a place of Ego and materialism or a conscious place of authenticity and truth.?

When I engage with others today, what light to i wish to share, that of blinded light or enthused hope?

How do I demonstrate my masculine outward energy, with ferocity and heat or by holding space and healing for those around us?

Personal reflections by Elena Kennedy @lotus_health_and_wellbeing and teachings @blueroseastrology as the #sun trines #jupiter today.

Photo is mine taken today at the #pantheon in #rome 💕


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