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Full Moon in Aquarius, 1st Aug 2023

“The cOllective spark”

As our inner reality awakens somewhat through the illumination of our need for self expression, prompting the initiation of our higher purpose, shedding old habits and patterns that no longer serve us, enabling the vision of what is to come from true reflection on old wounds and the ability to now see our blind spots, so that we may heal and grow emotionally and spiritually.

This passage of inspiration brings the motivation and courage to enable a receptivity of re-north and nourishment , thus charging transformation of our faith and expansion of the heart and soul of our highest aspirations.

Are you noticing your approach to things is changing?

Do you feel a greater desire to express your true opinion?

Are there feelings coming to the surface that are new to you? How will you approach them?

Is it time to gather your thoughts? Compose yourself and decide how and where you wish to direct your energy?

So whats a #superfullmoon? The moon is closer to us so more visibly present in the sky tonight, it also means the energy is potentially more heightened. So During this full moon, take time to compose yourself so you may direct your energy and focus for constructive engagement . Take a breath, remain connected to your essence so that your outwards expression is authentic to you 🙏💗🌙

“The futures in the air,

I can feel it everywhere, I’m blowing in the wind of change”


Photo by NOAA via unsplash.

Personal writings by Elena Kennedy @lotus_health_and_wellbeing on the #fullmoon in #aquarius ♒️ on 1st Aug at 8:31pm CET , in quintile aspect to #chiron biquintile to #mars square #jupiter and teachings @blueroseastrology@andrewdhsmith


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