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Full Moon in Capricorn 3rd July 2023

A tower of emotions:

As the hands of time bring us into the full moon in Capricorn ♑️ today, as is customary, we are invited to reflect on how we wish to continue this journey.

Capricorn, being a cardinal earth sign, speaks of creating physical realities. with its ruler Saturn 🪐 it speaks of structure, form, routine, limits, cultural or family conditioning but also purging that which no longer serves, gaining wisdom and maturity in this physical realm and beyond.

In her celestial position of the 4th house for this full moon it can speak of our roots, home, mothering and time for deep reflection.

Shining directly opposite her is the Sun ☀️ who is provoking reflection on these topics and perhaps enlightening us to the imbalances that lie therein. Seated alongside Sol is Mercury, the messenger, communicator- giving awareness to how we voice our feelings and the importance of the breath. Stop for a moment and breathe …. Ok let’s continue. With Mars, and Jupiter also in conversation with luna today , she is guiding us to be patient with ourselves, allow space and expansion to learn through this midpoint phase. Expansion of our conscious actions when relating to ourselves in our souls journey and also in how we engage with others. To speak up and become the architect of our own journey. Perhaps there are family patterns that no longer fit with your next steps- honor them give gratitude for the gifts your parents and ancestors have passed on to you and give blessings for this moment as you breathe into the next step forward of your journey.

The tower is tall and at times intimidating but with every step taken within it, towards the top, the windows allow us to see the wider surroundings and the bigger picture. Take it slowly if you wish, staying always in the present moment, patient and courageous, letting each step lead you to emotional “well-being”.

#fullmoon in #capricorn opposing #sun#mercury and in trine to #jupiter and trioctile to #mars and teachings @blueroseastrology@andrewdhsmith and my work @lotus_health_and_wellbeing photo is my own from Kew gardens in London.


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