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Full Moon in Pisces 30th Aug 2023

Pisces ♓️ Full Moon on 31st Aug at 3:36am CET.

Billowed reflections:

As the moon continues her dance along the celestial path with Sol , illuminating her journey, we are reminded of the importance of how our personal journey of remembering is thru exchange of our hearts quest, it contains its secrets in how we communicate our dream with wisdom and patience, weaving the connection of our self worth and inner reality with the conscious resources we have gained along the path of independence.

These gifts enable us to see the magic we can create when we look to transform our dreams into reality.

At times this may feel at odds with our roots as we courageously try to connect closer to our spiritual home.

Thru patience and nurturing ourselves and allowing those deep rooted ideas within us to show us the key to the door we may walk thru to initiate our spiritual healing; as thru calm reflection of our dreams and journey thus far we may gain a unity of intuition and vision that we can broadcast and exchange with others.

What will you reflect on during this Full Moon?

Where can your imagination take you?

Where have you felt disillusioned- maybe start there?

And how can you seek to manifest your dream?

Where do you feel a yearning to heal?

Who can you share your ideas with?

“Without reflection, we go blindly on our way, creating more unintended consequences, and failing to achieve anything useful”

Margaret J Wheatley

Personal reflections by Elena Kennedy @lotus_health_and_wellbeing thru teachings @blueroseastrology@andrewdhsmith#fullmoon#bluemoon#pisces#dreams#healing#reflection Photo by Alice Alinari via Unsplash


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