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Full Moon in Sagittarius 14th June 2022

Full Moon in Sagittarius ♐️ 14th June 2022 at 12:52pm GMT.

Fan the embers:

Sit for a moment to fan the embers of your passions.

Adventure stirs within you, hungry for the next stage of the journey.

As Sol illuminates our cradled sOul, vibrant with enthusiasm for this transition of joy.

Where intention goes, energy flows, like the samurai who relentlessly practices his moves, distributing his energy through movement, to his trusted weapon and armory.

In doing so he teaches us the importance of preparation, contemplation, precision and pace. Full of energy he directs every ounce of his force thru passionate exchange, into honing his skills, ever ready for his next adventure.

Crossing the fiery path, with embers glowing beneath , we pause and prepare for the next phase of Luna’s journey, ever conscious of the intentions we wish to manifest in this cycle.

Bring forth your passion, breathe life into it and carefully bellow the embers to ignite once more the flame of your soul’s intention.

Walk your path, head held high with belief in your true conscious nature to exude and actively share your passion and ideas with others.

Conditioning and limits have no place now, the tide is turning and through cOnsciousness and harmony we must all enspirit leadership for the benefit of humanity. COnscious engagement brings spirited awareness and Oneness for the future.

Photo by Yoni Kozminsi -Unsplash.

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