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Full Moon in Sagittarius, 4th June 2023

Full moon in Sagittarius ♐️:

“The enlightened flame of creation and healing.”

An illumination of the hearts expression, of its passion is evident today, with the magical ability to carry and bring forward stories to be healed.

Offering patience to enable the softening of their value and an appreciation for the lessons and gifts they have given us, thus enabling us to tune into the higher vibration now and dissolve them with compassion; finding inspiration to transcend those physical boundaries. Tolerance towards the authentic power, this moon affords us the opportunity to transform and regenerate our inner soul, our ancestral roots, our relationships with ourselves and others, and reflect comfort to find connection and adapt our thoughts towards ourselves and others.

Giving new expression to our souls journey.

This enabled receptivity for the path ahead, with courage and conviction, thus actualizing the healing of emotional and spiritual wounds. Providing the key to unlock and illuminate our blind spots, so we may actively transform them. Thus the teacher within us May show us how to purge and slowly derive wisdom and mastery for the path to come.

What enlightenment do you seek?

What spark within do you wish to kindle and nurture?

With whom do you wish to share this with, and how?

The path awaits you- take the first step 🔥🙏.


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