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Full Moon in Scorpio 5th May 2023


When the water runs deep, emotions run high,

Giving space for our intentions to release and revitalize.

The darkness gives light, whilst the light may provoke blindness- the balance, yin and Yang, closely guarded.

Tread carefully with your words and embrace the transformation to come.

We live by our emotional expressions, our intentions give space for our hearts to open and receive.

Standing at the waters edge, peering into the reflection that returns our gaze, old and new, the balance of time and the beating of hearts.

Values are embodied and faith is renewed, the change is within us all, step forth thru the spark of light through the darkness. Self awareness is being disrobed offering space and conscious awareness of others as we engage from the heart center of our life force.

The full moon lunar eclipse brings powerful energy and transformation, a moment to shed that which no longer serves us, thus to water and nurture new seeds for this transformation moment.

The whispering skies invite expansion and growth, conscious transformation both personally and collectively.

Pluto, ruler of Scorpio, currently retrograde in his new home of Aquarius, brings intensity and depth whilst raising the vibration of this lunar phase.

Themes arising may include:

. Emotional stability and reestablishing heart felt values.

What are you consciously seeking to nurture or protect within you and with those around you.

What structures no longer serve you and our collective, and how can humanity walk towards the light and spark infinite consciousness..

it’s time to quench our thirst for more conscious engagement and raise the collective vibration.

May the light that shines through the darkness spark your heart to seek transformation of infinite proportions 💗🙏

Full moon lunar eclipse in Scorpio May 5th at 6:34pm GMT.


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