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Full Moon in ♉️ Taurus, 19th Nov 2021.

Full Moon in ♉️ Taurus, 19th Nov 2021.

The knowing is unfurling the connection with your true essence.

Like a seed that sprouts roots carefully navigating the soil, to find means to nurture and expand,

So too your inner world is evolving and seeking to embody that which you wish to create.

The seed as it unfurls and begins to peep above the warmth and bosom of the earth, begins to transform its inner beauty and purpose into a striking embodied representation of its true potential.

Slowly at first the shoots begin to appear, giving rise to tiny leaves that extend upwards and outwards, trusting that Gaia, Mother Earth, and it’s environment will accept its new shape and physical expression.

During this full moon phase in Taurus ♉️, we are invited to review our emotional embody and ask ourselves if we are still aligned with what we wish to bring into physical reality.

Like the tiny seed that is planted and slowly begins its journey to give shape and physical form to its potential, so too do we have the chance now to assess our intentions for emotional growth and readjust then where necessary.

Are you truly embodying your potential?

Are you voicing your opinions in line with your beliefs?

Is your physical lifestyle aligned with your emotional well-being?

Are you nurturing your physical body and taking time to ensure you are caring for abs expressing your emotional needs?

Be gentle with yourself,

Sit still and gaze inwards feeling how your body reacts to how you are sitting in this moment.

Breathe, Believe and Be Brave.

The journey continues!

Are you holding on tight?

Take the reigns and enjoy the ride..


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