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Jupiter conjunct North Node in Taurus, 3rd June 2023

Take a seat, for the ride of your life:- Jupiter conjoins the north node in Taurus ♉️.

The ticking of the clock,

The winding of the key, seeking answers to your questions, opening portals to better see;

The inner knowing is expanding, the dream seeking space, to break the bad habits, for conscious growth and pace.

Can you feel it?

Where to next?

We hesitate to step forward, why?

The path guides us forward so that we can physically manifest our dreams,

Bringing spirit and exuberance to our consciousness.

What are you waiting for?

Jupiter’s present/presence brings faith and hope more into the picture,

Calling us to listen to the inner voice, express and see the possibilities that are before us.

Listen to your heart,

See your dreams manifested, materialize then without the need to overindulge in the materialism of life’s challenges.

Your soul seeks growth and expression of its intuitive knowing, listen to that “gut instinct”, listen to your body.

Ride the carousel of the life you want to see.

Why wait? Do it now-take a seat.

#jupiter conjoin #northnode in #taurus ♉️ personal musings from teaching @blueroseastrology@andrewdhsmith#conscious#consciousness photo by ckturistando via unsplash


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