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Jupiter in Taurus 16th May 2023

Jupiter in Taurus ♉️ from 16th May 2023 to 25th May 2024

As Jupiter moves into the sign of Taurus ♉️ today until May 2024 it may feel like a welcome reprieve from the rush and outward movement in Aries ♈️.

In Taurus ♉️ we are offered this time to slow things down, take our time and seek inner contemplation. Given Taurus is ruled by Venus there may be a more sensual or softening of our personal growth. How are we nurturing our bodies, what can we learn when we listen and observe our bodies and how can we empower ourselves through this transition to expand our personal and collective awareness. Themes like harmony, justice/fairness coupled with our values and belief systems may require a redo or show us things we may learn from others.

Jupiter by nature is about expansion and growth but also belief and Hope.

Perhaps there are new avenues of learning or travel you wish to pursue or being more consciously aware of your daily tasks and breathing could open up new avenues to expand your conscious journey and higher consciousness.

For others it May feel that things may go too slow and their tendency to push things forward May mean they are expending unnecessary energy heading down rabbit holes.

I like to look on this new transition somewhat like the story of “The tortoise and the hare” .. the hare🐇wants to rush rush rush , and in the beginning he laughs at the tortoise for going so slowly. The tortoise 🐢 takes no notice. He continues at his own pace, observing the world around him whilst focusing on his own path. Stopping to eat when his body tells him he’s hungry and resting when required.

The hare 🐇 continues to run around, eventually tiring himself out and leaving the path clear for the tortoise 🐢 to calmly and contentedly pass the finish line..

how would you like to approach things?!! I know I want to be like the tortoise 🐢😜.

Eager to understand how this Jupiter transition will affect you, DM me now to arrange a consultation. 👍🏻 #jupiter#taurus#selfnurture#growth#expansion#learning@blueroseastrology@andrewdhsmith photo by Marcus Dietachmair via unsplash

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