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Jupiter Neptune Conjunction in Pisces on 12th April 2022

Jupiter and Neptune last met in Pisces ♓️ 166 years ago, in 1856, and returns again on 12th April 2022.

They are inviting us into this New Era to bathe in the visionary wave that ripples within the Collective waters of our SOuls- offering a moment to pause and take stock of that which we wish to manifest and create for Ourselves.

These are my Personal meditation musings on this conjunction and thru teachings from @blueroseastrology and @andrewdhsmith and Karen Morgan.

The billowing clouds float upwards and outwards, tethered by the watery silken locks of Gaia.

I am One,

Open to receive and conjoin with this expansive Oneness.

The celestial heavens are encapsulated by light and beam newness and vigor through our cosmic veins.

Deep within the waters of the dreamworld, arises a warrior behest to bring a voice and light into the world to enlighten and awaken.

The carousel of the ethereal realm beckons us forth to symbolically merge so we may fuse this celestial treasure that awaits us, to receive, so we may breathe a new Conscious life into the cracks that have surfaced in the crevices of our effervescent awakened souls.

The mist rises and we see with wildly expansive eyes, like those of a curious child, eager to envelope and be enraptured by it.

Release all wanting and attachment to prior beliefs, see with your Souls eyes, that the deeper narrative and collective blindness has no place in the New Era.

A world where we can choose to BE.

Rich with true inner wisdom and healed of past worries and wounds, bringing forth a new Collective strength to design a higher Consciousness pulsating with abundant dreams and inspiration.

Open your hearts.

“I hope someday you’ll join us, and the world can live as one” Imagine by John Lennon.

Photo by Pawel Nolbert, Unsplash


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