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New Moon in Aquarius 21st Jan 2023

Fluid, flowing, billowing breath,

Voicing uniqueness from the very depths,

Your heart knows clearly what it seeks to achieve,

Question, investigate, liberate and conceive.

You are the creator, the divine light within.

The avenue to freedom of humanity to eagerly begin

To see the new horizons to aspire to grow and live

In the light of your soulful heart full of wanting to give.

Transform to a new Era,

one rooted in love,

For the affinity with abOve.

The in, the out, the up, the down,

Will all be as One when the real show comes to town.

Dance, sing, laugh and above all BE YOU ✨

Inspired New Moon reflections thru @andrewdhsmith@blueroseastrology#newmoon#aquarius#astrology#transformation#breath photo by Drew Collins from Unsplash

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