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New Moon in Aries 1st April 2022

New Moon in Aries ♈️ on 1st April 2022

Sit for a moment and feel into the inner crevices of your heart. Let the light shine in, draw back the curtains and welcome the fiery healing winds of the Arian skies.

As the starlights glisten, bathe in the wonder of their beauty, bringing forth sparks of inspiration and illuminating our dreamscape.

Now is your time to consciously awaken, unfurl and release those harbored dreams that may have been left dormant.

Dust off the cobwebs of doubt and open up to the spark of passion and vision within, that this New Moon invites you to create.

As with every new moon we have the opportunity to see new initiatives and create new pathways of reality for the coming cycle.

Are there dreams you’ve put on hold? Never finding the right time to explore them.

Perhaps you have followed the rhetoric of others, believing it’s for the greater good, only to put yourself further down the priority list?

This New Moon in Cardinal Fire ♈️, offers us the opportunity to look inwards and caress that inner child, let them speak and be heard, knowing that by caring for them sparks a conscious energetic spiral that can be visionary for others to do the same. In so doing raise our collective vibration for the highest good of all.

“Honesty is the best policy”- so perhaps now is the time to be honest with yourself, if not now, then when? There’s no time like the PRESENT, that’s why it’s such a GIFT…

Photo taken at the entrance to the scared site of Menga Dolmen in Antequera @ca_dolmenesatq


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