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New Moon in Aries and Eclipse 20th April 2023

“Cosmic Embers expanding the light.”

As sOl nestled alongside her luminary sister Luna, their encounter invokes a cosmic union of Yin and Yang, a balance of all that is within and without are composed by fanning the flames of this Ariean New Moon Solar Eclipse.

The sparking of the embers, joining through the heart, bereft of fear or retribution to BE, poised to initiate a decloaking of all that no longer sparks her passion.

Exposed and vulnerable to the expansive conscious vision that is seeking a stage.

Sol and Luna illuminating the shadow and the light encourage us to transform and manifest those emotional bonds that interweave thru us physically and spiritually.

The stage is set at the seat of the soul, the light explodes into every crack of darkness transforming the space.

What do you want to emotionally transform?

How are you expressing your emotional intentions?

What fears or emotional traumas are holding you back?

Now is your time to assess what serves you and what does not. Bring light to the situation and remove the darkness from its position of Ego..

“Cause your a sky full of stars,

I’m gonna give you my heart,

I don’t care, go on tear me apart,

Cause you get lighter, the more it gets dark.

Cause you light up the path”

Coldplay- A Sky full of Stars

Personal musings on this New moon Eclipse in Aries ♈️ conjunct Jupiter and square Pluto.. teachings from @blueroseastrology@andrewdhsmith#solareclipse#newmoon#aries#passion#light#consciousness#higherconsciousness photo by Marek Piwnicki via unsplash


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