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New Moon in Aries ♈️ on 12th April 2021

Fly my little fairies, out into the world

Carry upon your wings, the essence of your dreams for today and tomorrow.

Tread lightly on the clouds so that they may caress your wings and give you shelter.

Your journey has begun,

One that will bring joy and inspiration to the world

Remain true to yourself,

Trust that your wisdom will enrapture them to step up and speak out

As your seeds of inspiration blow, may they land with vigor and passion

Into the arms of human consciousness so that we can be reborn anew

Fear not their retribution, for in time they will see that you speak the truth

They will understand that in being whole we must nurture the collective

Fly my little fairies, out into the world.

As the New Moon phase begins in Aries today, it offers us the opportunity to cast our net of dreams and aspirations into the divine ocean of the cosmos and begin to seed that emotional and fiery path of truth for ourselves and the collective consciousness

This is your time to forge an instinctive path aligned to your true passions and in walking and igniting this spark within you provide inspiration and leadership to those around you to follow their truth also. Be your true self, seek to explore the world through the eyes of your inner child.

The redistribution of power continues and as the next weeks and months unfold we will be challenged to look at how we engage with others, how we project outwards and if that is in line with our true inner world. The mirror cannot have to faces, for in doing so we are living a dual life. Maybe its time to get real and show up as our authentic selves, which may feel uncomfortable to start with for you or other around you, but maybe its time to ask yourself who you are living your life for and by whos rules… Be true to yourself.

Be that child that blows the dandelion (Jinny Joe) seeds out into the vast world of potentiality full of joy wonder and authentic belief 🥰 personal musings from teachings@blueroseastrology #newmoon#aries#astrologersofinstagram#newbeginnings#authenticity#honesty#truth#wisdom#consciousness#consciousnessshift


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