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New Moon in Leo, 16th Aug 2023

“Be Yourself, everyone else is already taken”

Oscar Wilde

As we welcome in the union of the new moon in Leo ♌️ with her luminary companion Sol, we are reminded of the inner flame that we hold within us and our ability to actualize our own personal perspective and heartfelt dreams into the world.

This new seeding phase of intention sparks the magic that wishes to inspire us to transform and reform ourselves authentically, from the inside out. To courageously charge forward as our true selves, not what others may wish us to be or mandate us to conform to.

We are offered this light from sol 🌞 so that we may actualize our assertiveness from within, without the need to hide anymore. This will afford us the ability to connect our authentic heartfelt motivation with our inner powers so that engage with others we may be a reflection for them to regenerate their own flame and inner spirit.

This engagement then reciprocates within us the ability to heal so that old habits can be shed and a realignment with our true self may be achieved.

Thru our true expression of love to others this allows the union of the inner spirit and outer light to infuse others with love, coherence and an appreciation for the beauty that can be achieved in relating to others both personally and professionally.

Questions to consider:

When did you last check in with how you are feeling?

Are there relationships that are feeling strained right now because you fear saying how you truly feel?

How is the self confidence barometer these days? What can you do to improve it?

Is the fear of being judged preventing you from being yourself or speaking your mind?

Facing our fears can be daunting, but will running away help?

Remember the rule of cause and effect? How can you harness its potential for your own benefit… it just takes one step at a time ..

Knowing more about your personal birth chart can help you consciously navigate these challenges. Feel free to contact me to know more.

Personal writings by Elena Kennedy @lotus_health_and_wellbeing on #newmoon in #leo on 16th August 11:38am CET and teachings @blueroseastrology@andrewdhsmith

Photo by Chela B via unsplash


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