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New Moon in Leo on 28th July 2022

New Moon in Leo ♌️ 28th July. As the new moon enters the sign of Leo ♌️, fixed fire, nestled alongside the Sun ☀️ and Ceres, this Union offers us a moment to begin this new cycle by looking at how we nurture and care for ourselves. The fixed fire sign signifies our inner spirit or flame/spark that guides us on our soulful journey. How we lead from within to reconnect us to our instinctive nature to learn to go within and rekindle that flame; to reflect, heal and grow. It’s a time to reflect on what drives us, our passions, our dreams, our divine pathway; What brings us joy, What inspires us, What dreams do we wish to fulfill, Being receptive to let go of that which does not nurture us so we can learn and heal. In doing so we grow stronger on the inside and this illuminate our inner pathway. By letting go we are birthing anew our connection within and without. A path birthed in self confidence, inner tranquility, desire and passion, to share our talents, dreams and energy with the outer world more cOnsciously. Take some time today to visualize your dreams in their fullest form and allow this vibration to spark and ignite your energy as the pathway unfolds before you. New moon blessings to you all 🙏♌️ @blueroseastrology #newmoon #leo #innerpassion #consciousness #higherconsciousness


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