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New Moon in Pisces 20th Feb 2023

Consciousness blooming:

The merging of souls, the ebb &flow, meandering thru the labyrinth of the heart and mind continuum.

Searching within for that emotional thread that binds and enlivens the soul’s journey to creatively express its emotional needs.

The symbolic glistening thread of consciousness that elevates and merges us as One with the higher realms.

All too often the daily grind and pace of immediate reciprocation cloaks the deeper need to really feel the energy of another and really connect within ourselves so as to bring out, and permeate within every cell of our being, the ability to BE, to SEE, to CONNECT and to LIVE, bereft of social acceptable norms or hierarchical policy or unnecessary rhetoric.

To illuminate and elevate our souls delight and essence within the world.

Without emotional connection, what are we?

Who are we?

And what will we become?

The dream world waits us and beckons us to delve into our true feelings so that we ALL may commune and exist within the higher vibration of soulful consciousness.

The flower does not bloom without love from Mother Earth, careful cultivation and the warmth of the suns rays.

Pause therefore as we enter this magical New Moon in Pisces ♓️, so we may truly initiate and feel the beating of our hearts, echoing within our inner chambers of pure beauty and love.

Take time to cultivate that conscious loving exchange with those around you and thus enable the dreamlike conscious awareness to illuminate our steps forward in our newly cloaked essence of BEING, BELONGING and ENGAGING with others.

“Just remember in the winter, far beneath the bitter snow, lies a seed- that with the Sun’s love, in the spring becomes a Rose 🌹 “

By Amanda McBroom.

Go forth and BLOOM. Foto by Grace Madeline (unsplash)

Personal musings on New Moon in Pisces ♓️ and teaching from @blueroseastrology@andrewdhsmith#newmoon#pisces#highervibrations#dream#heart

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