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New Moon in Pisces ♓️. 2nd March 2022.

New Moon in Pisces ♓️. 2nd March 2022.

The frequency of unconsciousness made conscious

Furling, swirling, ebbing, and flowing, the incessant pulse of life force reverberates within and around us. Living in, out, around and between every breath that passes our lips and nostrils.

As we turn the dial up or down, we ponder the potential sounds we will encounter, what frequency will we resonate most with and how will we feel when we hear it?

Just as we reach what appears to be the right frequency we are hastily jolted from coherent sounds to mindless whistles and fuzzy decibels of in audible sound.

And just then the needle comes to rest on a pitch perfect tone, a quiet humming that sounds like its coming from the inner crevices of our being. We close our eyes and feel the breath enter and leave our bodily vessel and we are carried deep within to a labyrinth of tunnels and canals that feel like we are entering a fun park water tunnel that’s rocketing us into darkness and the great unknown.

Stopping to feel into the emotions, ever more aware of our vulnerabilities, our similarities, and our differences that we carry within from the outer world we currently navigate.

Just as we exhale, we offer ourselves the gift to release all doubt and concerns and feel into our hearts true calling, thus embracing the uniqueness of our being and our offerings to the world.

Diving into the ocean of dreams we cherish every moment to explore the potential of the deep waters of the world of our inner being, encapsulating all that we are, our true potentiality in its full expression.

With all our heart and inner strength, we take the New Moon phase in Pisces, Mutable Water, as a true calling share our uniqueness and our sovereign gifts of truth, kindness, healing, and compassion.

Just as the water ebbs and flows by the waters edge, so too must we find harmony in navigating the channels of our inner world and how we intertwine and express them with our outer world, with those we care about and the greater conscious world around us.

In this New Moon phase I invite you to “wear your heart on your sleeve”, embrace your vulnerability and BE @blueroseastrology #newmoon #pisces


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