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New Moon in Scorpio 25th Oct 2022

A reflection in the moonlight:

Underneath the waters, there’s a stirring yet unseen,

Without caution or expectation, of where the depths may lead or be;

Her depths are only questioned if the aim is to retrieve, in the hope of idealism so that people may believe.

“It’s as deep as seven houses” says a voice within the crowd,

“It’s true, I can concur” comes another voice out loud.

“What shall we find within its depths?” Asks someone perched upon the steps.

“Nothing that’s of beauty, only darkness and dirt. Best stay away from the waters edge, lest you might get hurt”.

But unbeknownst to everyone, a young child had ventured forward, and joyfully sat peering into the face that was looking upward.

“Mommy look, I’ve found a friend with eyes that shine like moonlight.

She’s smiling back at me with a glint of mischief oh so bright”

She seems so happy as she laughs at me, it’s quite infectious , look come and see!”.

The crowd approaches with trepidation and fear,

Convinced of their convictions that nothing good lies there..

Then as if from the heavens there came a loud crash as a stone came careering into the lake with a splash.

Amongst the commotion there appeared the village Sage, with wizened face and curious eyes that confirmed her extensive age,

“What you seek therein deep down below, won’t bring you knowledge or help you grow.

It’s locked within you , close to your heart, that which serves you to play your part..

the path lies open awaiting your first move, so that you may find your solemn groove..

Awaken, listen, share and grow - for in that self knowing we each can know.

Challenge your emotions, your doubts and fears, so your heart may expand and reach new frontiers.

Seek a path of emotional contentment for that is what is promised us, so that we all may be of service;

Swaddled lovingly in the arms of divine consciousness”

Personal musings of partial New Moon eclipse in Scorpio, conjunct Sun & Venus & square Pluto at 2° Scorpio ♏️ at 11:49am GMT and teachings from @blueroseastrology@andrewdhsmith#newmoon#scorpio#emotionalgrowth#emotions#heart#venus#pluto

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