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New Moon in Scorpio 4th Nov 2021, The Lake Journey

THE LAKE JOURNEY New Moon in Scorpio ♏️ 4th Nov 2021.

Thru the depths of the lake a faint murmur wafts to the surface, so still and quiet. Emotions percolate beneath the lakes surface, faint ripples barely visible. From the bowls of the earth a low and reverberating tone can be heard. The heart beats, the rich tapestry of the inner heart and intricacies of the emotional mechanism bathe in the beauty of the inner lake. In the deepest crevices of the rock pools lie pearls of wisdom that unlock the souls emotional journey. Take a moment to sit by the lake, bask in its serene beauty and stillness. Murmurs lead to faint signs of baritone sounds and you find yourself humming along and feel the energy reverberate around your chest, like the rumblings of silent low drums in a mature rainforest. The vibrations begin to stir emotions within you as you feel deeper into them. Close your eyes and float out as the water begins to submerge and envelope yourself in its liquid embrace. Down deeper and deeper towards those inner workings of the underworld and feeling ever closer into your own emotional landscape. Like forgotten dreams, tucked deep within the archways of your soul. This sense of diving into the expansive lake, giving rise to an emotional awakening within. As we embark on the new moon cycle in Scorpio ♏️, this journey offers us the opportunity now to dust off the cobwebs of our dreams and awaken our hearts lusting for emotional enlightenment. How are you honoring your emotional world, are you giving time and space to nurture and develop these vital creative epiphanies, allowing your expression of them to be heard and accepted, releasing those that no longer serve you? for in acceptance and kindness to your inner lake so too may you cast your net wide and deep in the greater lake of higher cOnsciousness. Personal musings from teaching @blueroseastrology #newmoon #scorpio #astrology #emotions #consciousness

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