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New Moon in Taurus 19th May 2023

Addressing the roots to reach for the stars ✨

The pendulum is turning,

The dice is being rolled.

A world of hidden emotions are waiting to be revealed.

Cultivating harmony within our sacred vessel,

Returning us to natures bosom, where once again we nestle.

Behold the body beautiful, bask in her beauty and form, transforming thoughts and values so consciousness can be reborn.

So above, so below, let us seed our intention to expand and grow.

Loving, embracing, enraptured with joy. ✨

This Taurus ♉️ New Moon invites us to come back to our roots, to examine our emotional journey and how it aligns to our current values- how we see ourselves, physically, mentally and spiritually and during these ever changing times ask ourselves if those values still serve us or is it time to freshen things up.

Conformity is no longer on the agenda. Take time to feel into your emotions and give yourself space to create the next chapter for by looking inwards we can reach the stars ✨💗♉️


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