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New Moon in Virgo on 27th August 2022

Symbiotic Nurturing:

Communication with and thru the body, cultivating a culture of nourishment, sustenance , love and compassion.

This Virgoan New Moon ♍️, the mothering and nurturing of the virginal vessel. Taking time to pause, give thanks and grace before we initiate a new cycle of inner nurturing and reflection to bring into our world and out into the world, the importance of listening to our body.

Communicating within so that we may commune out into the wider world.

Virgo, being ruled by Mercury, lends the influence and importance of communication to the mix- at times the challenge may be in allowing the mind to take center stage- to mental process things and seek clarity and rational, whereas the moon invites us with Virgo to marry the communication of the heart and soulful journey, so that the mind is listening and working in harmony with the heart.

As the sun illuminates the New Moon on 27th August, it’s shines some light on the inner crevices of our nurturing tendencies;

. Are you taking time to nurture your body,

. Are you listening to the signals your body may be telling you,

. Are you taking time to quiet the mind so it may more clearly hear the heart and heed its intuitional sparks.

The New Moon offers you time now to put in motion those actions.

The treasure chest of potentiality is within you to browse and identify those simple steps to self nourishment and compassionate health.

By being compassionate with yourself you lead by example so that others may follow;

Conscious eating.

Time in Nature

Detoxing the body.

Opening your ears to hear the heart and allowing your mind to follow its example.

Just as the humble bee glides from flower to flower collecting pollen to feed their hive, thru self nurture you pave the way for symbiotic nurturing of you environment and those around you.

Personal musings on ♍️ New Moon and teaching @blueroseastrology@andrewdhsmith@lotus_health_and_wellbeing


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