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Pluto enters Aquarius 23rd March 2023

Pluto enters Aquarius , fixed air ♒️ .

Clearing the cobwebs:

Through the hollows, a soft voice speaks, seeking depth of understanding; birthing their thoughts so that through One voice all vOices my conjoin and be heard.

She seeks clarity; dusting away the cobwebs of anarchic structures and systemic processes, so that the new breeze of spring fever may cleanse the crevices of our collective conscious. Offering a guiding compass and thus inviting us to bring into creation a new way of collectively being present.

As we blink away the morning dew, let our eyes see the new dawn, devoid of detachment and resplendent with curiosity of mind and depth of voice. Relinquishing all doubts, digging deep to finally achieve illumination, transformation and authenticity.

Since it’s discovery in Feb 1930 Pluto has never entered the fixed air sign of Aquarius ♒️ so this collective learning experience has the potential to be quite profound.

On a personal level we each have the opportunity to pause and listen to the stirring of our inner voice and ask, what sparks your inner engines? What areas of your life would you like to transform? Am I allowing my voice to be heard?

There’s no time like the ‘new’ present to let the words flow out.

Blessings to you all on this ingress of Pluto to fixed air ♒️

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