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Saturn Retrograde in Pisces 17th June to end Oct 2023

Saturn retrograde in Pisces ♓️ from 17 June until end Oct 2023.

“If I could turn back time, if I could find a way” Cher.

Our celestial neighbor Saturn 🪐, often called Father Time, and associated with structure, limits, walls, masks, boundaries, duty, seriousness, our physical structure-bones, joints etc..

however the higher vibration also offers us wisdom, maturity, bringing things to the surface to be healed, the ability to manifest, the teacher.

So what does the upcoming retrograde of his journey through Pisces ♓️ mean anyway?

Simply put it’s a point at which the direction changes and he retraces his steps for a few months to contemplate and reflect on the journey through the mutable water realm of Pisces ♓️.

Mutable (adapting, 2 way communication) water 💦 (imagination, emotion, fluidity) coupled with Saturn 🪐 invokes a form of contemplation of our emotional structures, imaginal boundaries, perhaps the masking of our intuitive sensitivities, or walls we build in our emotional interactions with others.

Whatever the theme may be that your feeling strikes a cord with you, this reflective time allows space for you to bring those things to the surface and spend time to understand:

What wisdom can be gained from the journey so far?

What has it taught you?

Is it time now to unmask that which no longer serves you?

Are you tuned into the frequency of manifestation or are there boundaries that you continue to put up, thus preventing you from allowing others in?

In taking these steps thru the adaptable watery world of Pisces ♓️ it may bring with it the desire to protect, be moody or paranoid- almost like getting bogged down in stagnant waters. So take it slowly and steady tuning into the empathic and compassionate nature within the Piscean energy. Be kind to yourself.

Remember it’s a personal journey we all walk, and it starts by taking the first step.

So within, therefore without, As above, so below.

Want you know more about your personal chart. DM me and we can discuss further

Personal reflections on #saturn#retrograde in #pisces@lotus_health_and_wellbeing from teaching @blueroseastrology@andrewdhsmith photo by Alex Perez via unsplash

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