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Sirius conjunct the Sun in Cancer, 6th July 2023

An extra twinkling in

the sky:

2 lights merge just after sunrise, one tasked to illuminate the earth and all its trappings, the other to burn away the egoic shell of its celestial neighbor; so that spiritual enlightenment may be bestowed upon those that wish to receive it.

Through this star gate portal we are invited to cleanse our energy centers (the 7 chakras) thus gifting us the sensitivity to initiate a new wave of universal love and consciousness.

Bringing growth and courage to our center and vital life source.

A time for shedding unwanted karmic energy and a raising of the light vibration and frequency so we may resonant amongst the stars.

#sirius conjoins our #Sun today at 14º #cancer ♋️ . Often referred to as the Dog Star 💫🐶 and with ancient ties and teachings thru many tribes, including the Dogon tribe in Africa, and many references to them throughout Egypt over the ages; it’s believed to be an agent of love and the origin of karmic law. As well as a portal to higher knowledge and initiation.


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