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Sun ingress in Cancer 20th June 2023

Let the sun shine!

As the sun dives deep into the Cardinal waters of Cancer ♋️ with heart open ready to initiate she takes action and illuminates that which can be transformed, healing old stories and habits of the souls heart, to those higher experiences we feel called to journey towards. She brings forth insight of the harmony this can provide to soften the physical with the hearts spiritual appreciation to magically enliven our dreams and management of our motivation to consciously seek inwards and illuminate our highest aspirations. This gives a feeling of connection to this cyclical process of the solstice and the divine mother Gaia, who will nourish and protect us on this journey of awareness to our empowerment and transformation both personally and collectively.

Bringing us more in flow with who we are and how we embody our light and creative self expression that shines out into the world.

This solstice marks the official start of summer, in the northern hemisphere, that turning of time and rebalancing and stretching our day versus night.

This is a time to dive into the water of our own emotional heart, to perhaps close chapters of our story we no longer wish to continue and ignite a new frequency or ripple of vitality through this enlightening time.

However you wish to celebrate and enjoy this enhanced moments of light do so with an open heart and quiet mind 💗💫

“Are you sure that we are awake? It seems to me that yet we sleep, we dream”

William Shakespeare-

A midsummer nights dream.

Personal writings of Elena Kennedy on #summersolstice with #sun undecile #venus novile #mars and opposing #pluto@lotus_health_and_wellbeing through teachings @blueroseastrology and writings by @andrewdhsmith

photo by Pedro Lastra via Unsplash


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