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Tug of War, Pluto conjunct Jupiter on 20th May 2023

The tug of war that leads to growth and transformation:

Last Saturday 20th May Pluto, Mars and Jupiter combined in an interesting aspect (conversation) to each other that can potentially spark action and bring to the foreground further conscious growth.

Given Pluto moved into Aquarius recently and will waltz back and forth thru Capricorn over the next 16 months or so, until he sets up residence until 2043 (see my post on Clearing the cobwebs). Similarly Jupiter has moved into Taurus until May 2024 (Tortoise article on 16th May) . Each now have joined Mars around the campfire to converse with the red planet. Mars, planet of courage, action, will, conviction… thus forming a T square between them, bringing up potentially charged inner themes around your will or desire to better understand what really motivates you and confronting the need to transform and reassess your self worth and light.

This may be enlarged thru the exuberance of Jupiter, provoking you to take a leap of faith in yourself. Given the recent New Moon in Taurus and Jupiters presence there you may physically be feeling this in your body or in material matters. Your willpower may be tested to enable the birth of this new transformation within or complacency could fuel over indulgence.

The brewing of these actions take place internally to begin with- given all 3 planets in fixed signs (♉️♒️♌️) being fixed the activity May not appear instantly, somewhat like how the caterpillar enters the cocoon and only after sufficient time and inner work, breaks through to present his transformed state of evolution.

However Mars can be impatient so self discipline and patience may be required. Both for ourselves and when engaging with others.

This campfire chat I see as somewhat of an inner tug of war that can lead to growth and transformation. It can take time to be visible and grow and the back and forth of the rope enables the manouvering and facilitating of the inner light to charge out into the world courageously with its endeavors.

It might feel like a rollercoaster so hold tight and enjoy the ride. #mars#pluto#jupiter#transformation#courage@blueroseastrology@andrewdhsmith

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