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Full Moon in Aquarius 12th August 2022

What’s the frequency..

The harmonizing of the fluid mind with dreams of the heart, brings an awakening of the inner voice to set free and enlighten the pathway to greater unfolding and Oneness of our cOllective cOnsciousness.

A moment of stillness as the moon 🌙 reaches her fully illuminated state, we pause and breathe; feeling the air reach every crevice of our physical and spiritual being to receive the nourishing energy that emanates like a frequency from Luna’s nurturing gaze in the heavens.

We are offered a moment to reflect on the last 6 months where the seed was planted as we were given the opportunity to revisit the path we began to walk to nurturing our inner thoughts, listening to our inner child’s voice, the spirit of our essence that invokes and encapsulates our journey in the earthly realm and guides our choices as we embark on our authentic adventures.

Are you still on your pathway,

how do you wish to continue the journey,

are your thoughts and ideals your own or have they been cloaked by the rhetoric, pomp and ceremony of others?

What dreams do you wish to realize? Are you being true to them and speaking from your authentic self?

Just as the dial on a radio allows you to turn to a better frequency so too does the energy and nourishment of the moon allow you to recalibrate your frequency and plug into that which is YOURS!

By being YOU, you give permission to others to do the same…and in turn change the frequency for our collective consciousness to bring harmony and dissolution to that which no longer serves us in our evolution as humans

What’s your Frequency?!

Personal writings from teaches @blueroseastrology@andrewdhsmith

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