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Full Moon in Aries 9th Oct 2022

The tipping point:

Crackling, sizzling, infused with sound,

Transformation of emotions and senses abound.

The tipping point of pressure and initiation of change, within the fabric of our nature, a new order rearranged.

The reddest of roses held up to the sky, full of beauty and passion from the flames,

Loves symbol hand clasped, ablaze with infused emotion and vision so we may find synergy with our own conscious desire and transform that outwards to the golden hand of higher consciousness.

Full moon in Aries ♈️, the midpoint of the lunar phase in Cardinal fire 🔥, the initiator of vision, passion and go getter of dreams.

The manifestor of the emotional soul journey, on his turning point in the night sky in bi-Novile to Pluto beckons us to initiate a deepening of that souls journey, to manifest and transform our emotional dreamscape forging forward with those aspirations and inner hopes so we may actualize our truest potential in relationship with ourselves and others.

All the while along that journey seeking harmony and unity to conjoin or release for our highest good.

What transformational shifts do you wish to make?

Where can harmony be achieved whilst remaining true to yourself ?

Personal musings of Full Moon in Aries ♈️ and from teaching @blueroseastrology@andrewdhsmith . Photo by Gaspar Uhas unsplash. #fullmoon#aries#transformation#soulsjourney#manifest

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