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Full Moon in Cancer ♋️30th Dec 2020

Emotions are charged, we are poised for the start of a new year with hope and optimism.

This full moon allows us to pause on the Eve of New Year’s Eve, to take stock of our emotional realm, our intuitive realm and our feelings as they are eager to express themselves and be heard. For it’s in being heard that we can heal.

Take a few moments to feel into these realms for you, your families, your ancestors and the wider human family. For it is in holding this space that we allow ourselves to release and heal.

Do not fear your emotions, they are part of you, feel into them and allow yourself to release them.

It has been an emotional few months for me and my family as my father crossed over the veil 2 months ago and there is not a day that I do not think of him, I have shed many tears and in doing so allowed myself to release this sadness and harness my intuition to feel beyond the physical realm so that I can connect with my dad. Today’s full moon I dedicate to him and offer up my emotions for my family so they too may heal. 🙏🙏✨✨God bless, Dad 🥰.

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