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Full Moon in Gemini ♊️ Dec 19th 2021 4:35am GMT.

Full Moon in Gemini ♊️ Dec 19th 2021 4:35am GMT.

“With the wind in the willows

The birds in the sky

There's a bright sun to warm us wherever we lie...

We have bread and fishes and a jug of red wine

To share on our journey with all of mankind."

So I asked them to tell me their name and their race

So I could remember each smile on their face

"Our names, they mean nothing...

They change throughout time

So come sit beside us and share in our wine"

(Song lyrics by Blackmores night)

Commune within to communicate outwards.

Our inner world yearning and relationship with our true self is the catalyst to embark on this journey of truth.

Mingling in the world, bringing forth our truth in every engagement, interaction and relationship.

Our consciousness connection is pleading with us now, more than ever, to unite in our journey of higher communion.

In a world where people, each approach thru a different lense, at times thru fearful eyes, our salvation and elevation from this lower vibration is to truly SEE and LISTEN to all voices, without labels or tags and with true love and compassion for our fellow travelers, who each are striving for that emotional clarity and interrelatedness via a higher sOurce and higher vibration.

We are invited to consciously awaken so we can truly nurture and protect the essence of emotional being.

At this midpoint of the Gemini moon journey we step thru the full moon curtain, allowing us time to reflect on how we truly engage and relate with ourselves and others. How we emotionally connect with sOurce and those around us.

How we nurture our emotional relationships and remain true to our inner world journey and values.

I invite you to Pause for a moment and open yourself to truly feel into your emotional and personal space and then as you move outward into the world remember that each of us has this yearning to achieve our journey to thrive and by each of us being cOnsciouly aware of others and accepting of our unique qualities we can raise our ability to truly connect and relate in unison with each other.

Personal musings from teaching @blueroseastrology@andrewdhsmith#fullmoon#gemini#astrology#consciousness#highervibrations


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