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Full Moon in Leo 5th Feb 2023


Seek within, don’t look with-out.

Your heart is yearning to spark and dance, the joyous passion that can be created within, that inner knowing and yearning to begin.

Kindle the spark, lovingly allowing it to glow, warming the inner crevices of your soul.

The heart knows where it wishes to go, often at times retreating and relinquishing those expectations of the outer world, thus allowing us a moment to bring to life and breathe passion into our vision for the future.

Yours, Mine, Ours.

Consciously being inwardly focused so as not to be distracted by the rhetoric and incessant droning of ‘empty sameness’ from the world outside.

As we gently allow the light in, the Sun imbues us with glowing warmth and urges us to give life and shape to our hearts vision, to be consciously aware that our ‘shining’ will give permission to others to do the same.

The higher cOnsciousness, incarnate in us all, glowing and evolving to its rightful place, nurtured and protected by the lights of our night sky and the Oneness of gOd.

Are you living from your heart space?

Are there sparks within you that you are wishing to ignite?

What visionary steps do you wish to breathe life into and imbue with passion?

Personal writings on the Full Moon in Leo ♌️ at 7:28pm CET 5th Feb, and teachings from @blueroseastrology@andrewdhsmith#fullmoon#leo#heart#vision#consciousness#oneness#lifepath#fire

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