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Full Moon in Libra, 16th April 2022

The billowed dandelion.

As the belly of the moon swells, warmed by the suns rays and nurtured by her light, the seeding process that started back in Oct during the New Moon phase, invites us to momentarily pause to take stock of those intentions and review our progress thus far, so that we may realign with our souls journey in Cardinal Air.

Seeded deep within. A quest to express our heartfelt authentic voice and nurture our emotional needs is coming closer to the surface.

Just as the simple and magical act of the dandelions evolution, hidden from view, taking stock of its task to push thru the earth and grow upwards towards the sun. And then a simple gesture of fresh air will carry it to its new home. Eager and ready to carry its essence out into the world.

We stop for a moment to gaze at her beauty, rounded and full with the light gently appearing like an auric halo around her full bodied shape. To many a symbol of hope, love and happiness. As the breath gently blows her seeds out into the arms of a beckoning sky, ready to help her. No certainty of where those new seeds may fall but all the while eager to initiate their journey to expand and share their gifts with the world.

Her metaphor a symbolic expression of this Cardinal Air Full Moon phase inviting us to access our seeded intentions and reminding us that compassion and emotion are within all of us. Through our authenticity of voice, we remain true to our souls nature and hearts journey whilst offering and inspiring those around us to do the same.

The cOnscious act of being true to ourselves invites others to do the same.

Be the voice of your heart!! Billow and blow as the dandelion does.

Photo by Aleksandr Ledogorov, Unsplash

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