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Full Moon in Pisces 10th Sept 2022

Infinite waters, infinite knowing,

Rising emotions ebbing and flowing.

Heart speaks so softly as she envelopes the soul, Moon shining brightly to light the unknown.

The inner crevices of the emotional realm, eager to share their joy and wisdom.

We are borne thru emotion and evolve day by day,

Now the Full Moon is calling to light the way;

“Speak up my child, see the crystal waters shine,

Full of dreams and enrapture so that we may entwine;

Speak from your heart, open and true,

Giving sovereign example to those close to you”

This Full Moon in Pisces, the halfway point of its journey, offers us a moment to reflect and evaluate that which we envisioned at its New Moon unfolding on 2nd March, allowing us to take a moment to reassess our intentions going forward.

Pisces reminds us how we share our souls dreams and emotions with others, and the importance of sovereignty to ourselves and our union with All, the Oneness of our being. The importance of COnscious engagement, so we may find strength and guidance together and elevate our cOnsciousness.

How will you engage soulfully, remaining true to your dreams.

Heartfelt, intuitive, always with truth and compassion.

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