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Full Moon in Sagittarius 26th May 2021

“Well my friends the time has come, to raise the roof and have some fun, throw away the work to be done and let the music play on”

Lionel Richie.

Reach for the stars, follow your hearts desire, reach for the stars, and when that rainbow’s shining over you that’s when your dreams will all come true”

SClub 7

As the fire burns brightly and the embers flow

We reflect on our lives and how our energy flows

“Why do people question the rhetoric, why do they push the boundaries”?

The cinders spark and fly around, mother earth sighs a reflective pause as the fire grows higher.

“Well my child, without challenge, how do we expect to change our world for the better?”

Great things come from questioning not only to appease our own inner souls ponderings but also to shed light for others to look within and ask themselves at a soul level what they are truly passionate about and what they are doing to bring it to life and illuminate the path forward for themselves and others..”

Sparks fly and if unattended they could lose impact and whither away or else wreak havoc unnecessarily if not directed in some way for the good of the earth and humanity.

Sagittarius, with his native planet ruler Jupiter, The Teacher – the one that receives information to enable growth and offers us a bridge to higher consciousness. The One abound with faith, hope and the potential to heal and protect, is offering us room to grow and expand.

This full Moon thus offers us a moment to review our intentions from 14th Dec 2020 at the start of this moon phase and to enable us to reassess those intentions, release those that no longer serve and realign our intentions for the next half of this lunar cycle.

What brings you passion, makes your heart sing?

What aligns with your souls’ inner purpose and sense of adventure to jump on that opportunity, to bring light and energy to that intention from you now.

Is there an elephant in the room??

What is holding you back?

Address it, change it, remove it, then move forward sharing your passion with the world!

Photo by Kevin Wolf, Unsplash

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