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Full Moon in Virgo 7th march 2023

The threads of life:

The threads of life that spool and spin, inviting us close to gaze within.

Precision, perfection and doing it right, has purpose at moments but now is time to take flight. Perched on a precipice, invited to dive into the living experience of ‘being alive’.

Cherish, nourish and lovingly bathe, in the riches of nature so your soul can revive.

She’s calling you closer, inward and out, so that life’s ever wonderment May search you out.

Dissolving the structure or processes of life, so you may see with new eyes the joys that await.

This full moon in Virgo ♍️ offers us time to reassess our priorities as we enter the spring phase. It aptly offers us the opportunity to ‘spring clean’ our lives. To open your windows, your body, your soul and allow any cobwebs or dust that may have accumulated to be swept away, leaving room for new ideas, new plans and space to pause and replenish your physical, emotional and spiritual bodies.

Pause, reset, replenish.

How do you wish to move forward ?

What wonders do you wish to create and what seeds do you want to sow for the coming months?

Ensuring you nurture and water them regularly so they flourish and grow with heartfelt love and joy.

The seeds of today are the successes of tomorrow.

Personal full@moon musings from teaching @blueroseastrology@andrewdhsmith#fullmoon#virgo#nurture#consciousness#heart#soul photo by Patrycja Chociej via unsplash

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