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New Moon in Gemini 30th May 2022

Perched on the precipice of a new day, she stretches upwards and outwards to the heavens, closes her eyes and breathes deeply, inviting the wonder and color of all that envelopes and surrounds her to blend in Oneness.

The elixir of life, breath, filled with wonder and virtue, and yet taken for granted as always available to us until it is so quickly revoked.

As this new moon cycle in Gemini ♊️ begins her journey, she is greeted firstly by Jupiter in Aries ♈️, offering an opportunity to expand our emotional heart space and initiate a vision of how we wish to consciously grow. Inviting us to look beyond material and physical possessions and to bridge a connection at a higher conscious level. With the ruler of Aries ♈️, Mars, nestled alongside, he encourages us to strive forward courageously in our consciousness quest, whilst softly Venus in Taurus ♉️, reminds us to pay attention to the inner values we hold dear and perhaps re examine how we give and receive love, how we engage in relationship with others and how we appraise justice and harmony in our wider community and personal engagements with those in authority. As the moon comes to nestle in the arms of the Sun ☀️ and Mercury, they illuminate our path to commune at a higher level, as we take the in breath, to feel the higher connection so we may consciously engage with our full spiritual being.

Pluto and Saturn 🪐 give us the inner strength to create this new reality and deepen how we nurture our soulful being and communicate outwards so that we can transform those limiting thoughts and structures that no longer serve our collective consciousness.







Embody -consciously, openly and spiritually.

Personal musings on the New Moon in Gemini ♊️ and teachings @blueroseastrology#newmoon#gemini#mooncycle#astrologer

Photo by Mohamed Nohassi, Unsplash

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