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New Moon in Gemini on 10th June 2021

New Moon in Gemini and Solar eclipse on 10th June 2021

Get your motor runnin'

Head out on the highway

Looking for adventure

In whatever comes our way

Yeah, darlin'

Gonna make it happen

Take the world in a love embrace

Fire all of your guns at once

And explode into space


Sparks fly, energy surges, the nymph sings her song

Slowly at first her melodic tones crescendo upwards to an elevated euphoric tone and rhythmic beats,

2 parallel lives intertwine: the inner and the outer

One slumbers and sleeps dew eyed on the clouds of Athena’s tails,

Ever resemblant of the beauty, wisdom and caring intuition of all inner souls

The other with a more hardened surface tainted somewhat by the world it touches,

Dimmed due to lack of lustre and polish

Suppressed by those that do not wish her to shine

It is not our inner fears that hold us back

But rather their wish to pushdown and supress our manifested light,

Lest others may be inspired to peer above the parapet and allow their sparkle to be seen

Now is your time, break free of those false chains that appear to restrain you.

Bring forth your inner beauty and power so that in manifesting your light you give

Permission to others to strive to achieve that which is within them too

The mirror can have 2 faces but that does not mean they cannot equally sing and smile

Even twins have their uniqueness and beauty to envelope and captivate both together and separately

Look closely at the face you see in the mirror, smile, and watch hoe they smile back

Bring forth joy so that it can be shared both within and without

Balance on the steppingstones and watch how you nimbly float from one to the next

Not concerned with the final stone or destination

But rather captivated by the process of gliding from one to another and basking

In the glory of your hearts desire to feel the shape of the stones with your feet

And revelling wit your senses how you float onwards in your journey.

This New Moon in Gemini is the start of a new cycle where we can sow the seeds of intention for this new year and journey ahead, with emphasis on our emotional relations, how we share with others, renewing our connection with sOurce.

Coupled with the Solar Eclipse, where the moon passes in front of the son and pauses thereby blocking the visible light of the Sun. We have the opportunity to look within at that which we may wish to share externally and illuminate our inner emotional world.

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