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New Moon in Libra on 6th October 2021

New Moon in Libra on 6th Oct 2021

Coming up for Air…

As the early morning dew lifts and the warmth of the emerging sun reaches ever upwards, bringing light to a new day, the charges await the signal to begin their launch.

Floating, soaring ever higher, air fills their lungs with intense desire, to push the boundaries and realise their dreams

Breathing ever deeper with intent and force they soar and glide, spreading their wings and inviting those around them to join in the fun.

The spectacle illuminates the sky, each one unique in shape and form, filled with ambition to commune with their fellow billowed friend’s whist maintain their originality and sense of ideals.

Creeping ever upwards in the hopes of touching heaven, their voluminous bellies infused with the warming breath of gOd, they continue on their cOnscious journey…. Filled with rasping sighs and true desire to glide and dance through the air with their ever-growing community of cloud chasers…

Breathing even deeper they glider ever higher, unbeknown to them the catalyst their flight has given to its onlookers. Those below transfixed with the beauty that is being revealed to them and forever impacted by the transformation of the skies as a result of the journey.

This new moon in Libra offers us an opportunity to set our intentions clearing for the coming cycle on how we wish to outwardly breath air into our ideals, speak our truth and give form and shape to our authentic expression.

As the sun shines a light on our inner world, it offers us the opportunity to speak up with authenticity and clarity, to bring forth our ideals, to be the initiator of the dialogue that can imbue life into them and give hope to those around us to join their billowing journey to transform and ignite cOnscious expression into our daily lives. Offer space for those around you to commune from a place of lOve and compassion and raise the vibration to enable a greater balance and harmony to permeate our sOuls.

The amazing and unique balloon fiesta of Albuquerque, which started as a local idea in 1972 and “ballooned” into a phenomenon that is now a world-renowned international event.

What one idea can we each create today to bring a wider dialogue and cOnscious awareness to the breath of our beings so we can commune together in harmony during these changing times?

Perhaps its speaking your truth, or a 2 minute meditation of love and compassion for those around you, either way it does not have to be a major activity… from small acorns grow large oak trees…!!

Photo from Unsplash by Yuka Murakami


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