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New Moon in Libra♎️ . The Eagles flight. 26th Sept 2022

The Eagles flight:

( New Moon in Libra)

Perched on the precipice of a new dawn, anxious to step out into the chasm of the ravine below. Dewy eyes still full of the dreamscape from which it awoke, as the mist rolls slowly forward revealing the beauty of nature surrounding it that’s waiting to be explored and discovered.

Almost as if in slow motion it’s wings begin to unfurl, lightly caressed by the morning air and warned by sOl’s presence.

Reaching its fullest wingspan, it pauses momentarily to assess its surroundings as it rises and steps out into the billowing sky ahead. First dipping to catch the gusts of wind that will envelope and support it on its journey.

Almost within seconds it’s lifted upwards and balances itself so it may plunge headlong into its goal, it’s dream and essence of being. To take flight.

This New Moon in Cardinal Air Libra ♎️ brings openings for us to express our emotional voice, give substance and life to our dreams and openly communicate with those around us that which we wish to create and manifest in this new cycle. Just as the Eagle seeks balance and connection with the wind and sky so it may achieve it purpose of flight, so too we are gifted this moment to express ourselves openly, allow our voices to be heard, speaking from the heart and with conviction of those ideals, visions or dreams which we wish to see realized.

Speak up, speak out. You’d be surprised how liberating to will feel and how inspirational it could be for so many others..

personal musings on the new moon in Libra ♎️ and teachings from @andrewdhsmith@blueroseastrology#newmoon#libra#vision#dreams#inspire#consciousliving photo by Aaron Burden in Unsplash


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