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New Moon in Mutable Fire ♐️

As we stand on the threshold of this new moon phase let us cast off the shackles that have held us down or kept us hemmed in. This new moon phase gives us the opportunity to start afresh, anew; fuelled by our inner passion and heartfelt desires to share our talents and aspirations with the world. Observe children playing, do they restrict themselves with what the outside world or the trappings of the material realm cast upon them or do they explore and embark outwards on their creative journeys with vigour, in search of adventure and independence. During this new Moon phase, we are being encouraged to firstly reflect inwards to what it is that we seek to initiate in this coming year… an opportunity to rebalance and re-evaluate our true heart expression and passion. As a mutable sign Sagittarius encourages us to look within and then to bring out into the world that which we have learnt. We are each unique and at the same time part of the greater consciousness so by looking within it gives us the opportunity to bring out into the world that which we believe and are passionate about to the greater good of others. As within, so without; what we have within we have the potential to bring out. Speak your truth, share your talents with the world. Now is not the time to conform to others way of thinking. This new moon conjoins the Sun, which gives us the opportunity to shine a light and bring to the surface those habits that no longer serve us: the individual and the collective. As we head towards the winder solstice and the conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter on 21st Dec, we are being given the opportunity to illuminate that which we wish to see in humanity for the next phase of our evolution. Speak out, step up and Stand strong in your convictions. You have a role in this world and now is the time to bring that skill and passion to the table of humanity… Lest we go hungry with stale words and old habits, we can create and share in a new language of inclusion and balanced empathy for all humanity. The staircase winds, It spirals upwards, but does the path lead to what we want; or what they would have us desire?

Inner passion sparks outward traction, Awaken within and embark on the journey. Imbue your passion and share it with the world. Adventurers one and all, let us explore the feelings Od the heart; Si that we can share our talents with the world. Oneness in our cOnscious jOurney. #newmoon #sagittarius #consciousness #soulsjourney #lifepath

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